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Carlisle Cathedral (2020)

A Scala Publishing guide

Carlisle Cathedral is a splendid Norman building that over the years has been battered by fire, lack of investment, the Scots and the Victorians. A grant from the National Lottery enabled the Dean & Chapter to invest in its fabric and a new exhibition, Untold Stories - which was put together by me in my capacity as a freelance writer. A new guidebook was issued to coincide with the Cathedral's renaissance. Available from Carlisle Cathedral shop.

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The Real Mackays (2018)

I wrote this book - an illustrated guide to an ancient Highland clan - partly because my mother was a Mackay and my uncle the Mackay clan chief - and partly because existing guides ranged from the sublime - Angus Mackay's Book of Mackay dated 1906 - to the ridiculous - some potted overpriced notebook aimed at hapless tourists trapped on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh between a 'heritage' hotel and a coach ride to the Trossachs. I wanted to confound both these extremes and present the clan story  in a way that is both digestible and interesting. It was a really fun project.

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The Story of Lowther (2017)

Lowther Castle is one of north Cumbria's most famous landmarks. The estate was established in the 10th century or so and has been occupied by the same family since. The Story of Lowther takes a brief look at this long association of people with place. It also tells the remarkable journey of the castle itself - from beacon of neo-Gothic architecture to abandoned ruin to thriving tourist hub.

The Story of Lowther was published as a companion to the permanent historical exhibition at the castle, both of which I wrote and compiled.


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The Gardens of Lowther (2017)

Like Lowther Castle itself, the gardens have been through their share of tribulations over the years. This book records some of that history and looks at the remarkable transformation that the gardens have undergone  in the past twelve or so years.

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The Gardens of Lowther-front cover.jpg
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