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Charlotte Fairbairn

Novelist, editor, creative director and writer of sundry things

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Cried Out The River For Love

Published by Linen Press

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Brilliant, absorbing, moving, insightful, beautifully written book about familial love. Just SO good

Cried out the River for Love - Reviewer, Instagram UK 2022

I found this a deeply rewarding and worthwhile read. It is classically in the magical realist mould and beautifully written.

God Breathes His Dreams - Reviewer, Amazon UK 2007

A fable in the Coelho mould.

God Breathes His Dreams - The Bookseller, 2001

Praise & Reviews

A beautiful but heartbreaking mis-take on The Prodigal Son..., its every page, every sentence, every word is pure feeling, pure emotion, pure poetry.

Cried out the River - Goodreads 2023

Told from beginning to end in lyrical writing and verse-like passages as she tugs at our hreatstrings with themes of parental love and loss.

Cried out the River - Scottish Field, UK 2022

A poetic allegory with hints of Thomas Hardy and a dash of magical realism, the book is about the divine nature of art and is set in an imaginary countryside, described in vivid beauty and harshness.

God Breathes His Dreams - Harpers & Queen, UK 2001

Gumble's Yard - 5.0 out of 5 stars

A beautiful and powerful fable-like examination of how it can happen that even love is not enough

Cried out the River for Love - Reviewer, Amazon UK 2022

...a haunting, lyrical and simple tale of a valley that finds a golden age when woodcarver Nathaniel Cadwallader rides into town. The story begins violently with a rape and sets the stage as time magically flows over the hamlet... 

God Breathes His Dreams - Reviewer, Amazon USA 2005

Richly imagined.

With the Sound of the Sea - Oxford Times, UK 2004

Other Novels

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With the sound of the sea hardback cover
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About Charlotte Fairbairn

Born in Scotland, educated in the north and south,

a committed Cumbrian (by adoption). Mother of two, owner of one small cockrobin of a house, one large dog - sometimes known as the Moron of Brownness - one small dog - sometimes known as Piglops - and a houseboat on the Thames. Lover of birds, wildflowers, the countryside, books, reading, writing, things, wine, common sense and all-round general irreverence.

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